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Friday, December 30, 2011

You Can Only Give What You Have

You really can't take care of everyone else when you don't take care of yourself. How you treat yourself is how you broadcast to others to treat you. When you sacrifice and put yourself last you tell others to put you last, that you don't deserve better. If this is you I'm here to tell you that you can't trade yourself for love, respect, positive attention or to be valued. When you take care of yourself and your needs you are in a better place to care for others; you tell others that you matter and you understand the value of that and thus can give that value to others. When you take care of yourself you tell others you matter. If you don't believe you are enough, if you don't believe you deserve best life has to offer, if you don't believe that you deserve to pursue your dreams then God/Life/The Universe will live up to your expectations and give you exactly what you, your actions, your choices, your beliefs say you deserve. You are enough; right here, right now, just as you are - you are enough; I know what it feels like to feel irreparably broken, it was the biggest lie my ego (my false/little self) ever told me. Every time you think you can’t do something, you don’t have enough to accomplish something, every time you think you aren’t good enough, smart enough, fill in the blank enough – take a deep breath and say out loud (so you can hear yourself) oh, that’s just ego; the more you recognize it the more it diminishes. Every time someone presents a possibility, a different way of thinking, a different approach, opinion, etc and some part of you jumps up in anger – that’s ego. When other people present something that is outside of our perspective, outside our way of doing thing or thinking about things including ourselves and we feel; angry, scared, upset, sad, afraid, etc – that’s ego. Another person presenting something different is nothing more than a different perspective with no reflection on us, just a different way of thinking and the true self knows that this can’t hurt us and that there is nothing to fear. Expanding your understanding of this will help you realize that peace is not about circumstances, and that happiness is within your own heart and not outside of yourself. You may respond to certain people and things that come into your life with joy, but that choice and that feeling comes from within you and that source is always there, but the ego is good at hiding it away as it tells you that someone is lashing out at your, that you need to be afraid, that you aren’t enough, etc. It is the true Father of Lies – recognize it for what it is and it diminishes and you regain your own true person power that was always there waiting for you and then who knows what you’ll accomplish. What better gift could you give yourself this coming new year? You deserve it. 

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  1. I really liked this article. I know I have gone through this realization before, but I don't think I could have explained it this well.