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Monday, December 5, 2011

9 Quick Truths about Creativity, Happiness and God

A great artist is one whose work you can connect with; those are the ones that inspire others – connecting through the human condition.

Whoever said creativity has an order? It is more about getting out of your own way and other than that a serious of choices.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just because something pops in your brain or just because you feel something doesn’t mean it should pop out your mouth.

A happy person is free of the ego, the false self. Also, studies show that the happiest people have the most connections with others; yep that whole human contact thing really does matter – more than age, health, wealth, . . . etc.

Good sentiment is like moral outrage, fairly useless.

People are fascinated when ordinary things are put in a new/compelling perspective.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

Thoughts are real things; they are where actions come from so you might want to work on developing some discipline in regards to what you think, especially since that’s in large part the source from where your life is created.

To achieve a sense quiet/of being one must learn, in this world of extreme and continuous stimulation, to be quiet from within – a challenging but utterly powerful and worthy goal.

God works in efficient ways; nothing ever serves just a single purpose?

Change is an absolute inevitability, but it does mean that things can potentially get better.  

My response to, “8 Quick Truths about Creativity, Happiness, and God

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