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Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Interesting Evening

It has been an interesting evening . . .

First a cute little calico girl shows up in need of rescue just as I go outside to chat with a friend. She is starved for food, attention and is quite the talker. Tonight she is in the bathroom and tomorrow she will go to the vet (oh yippee for both of us). Truly it is really not my intention to become a crazy cat lady. 

Second I went to dinner with my dear sweet friend Norma who worked for me when I had the art gallery. We were exchanging our Christmas pressies and she gave me a very nice hand carved, hand painted figurine that looks like it's out of a fairy tale and a magic wand (yes that's right I've got a magic wand now and it even glows) so look out. 

Third my dog Sydney was acting odd; didn't eat all of his food (never happens), acting a little lethargic, laid down and was just drooling (never happens). Of course I called the emergency vet, but luckily was able to figure out that he had gotten into the high protein, grain free bag of cat food I had gotten out to feed the rescued kitten and eaten about 4 cups of it and was probably just nauseas and having a tummy ache so luckily no ER Vet trip, thank you God. 

Like I said, it's been an interesting evening. Not to mention an entire bowl of water getting spilt on my bed but let's not go into that one. 


  1. what a cute new addition! she knew where to go to find love and shelter! what is her name? she is your new years present! xo

  2. Thanks Carlanda, I'm not sure. I will have to take her to the vet tomorrow to be checked out before she can be around the other furry kids and that's likely to be quiet a ruckus. I also have to be sure that she wasn't abused because something isn't right about her backend where her shorter than normal tail is at and if she is okay find out if she is chipped as someone may be looking for her. No worries because I won't return her to an abusive person. She is quiet sweet, however I wasn't looking for another kitty as she would now make six cats and there is Sydney. *woof*