mAgNoLia 2

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My BIGGEST lie is that . . .
I am not good enough, I can’t let people see the real me, it isn’t safe and I’m not enough.

I think the most courageous thing, for me, that I’ve done in a LONG time, is letting people see the authentic me; and the response has been phenomenal and nothing I would have ever imagined. I am HAPPY and other people can see it; I don’t mean I am happy about something, I’m just happy. I’m sitting here typing this and my neck and shoulder is in so much pain, my house is getting better but parts of it are still really a disaster, but damn it I’m just so happy inside myself and it’s AWESOME!

I love life! I’m not sure I’ve ever said that I just said it out loud. I use to think I was broken beyond repair. I was a person I couldn’t say, “Today is a good day to die” because I’d be like ok, bring it on, sounds good to me. I had to say to myself if I could manage it that, “Today is a good day to live.” Wow talk about faking it, can you just hear that meek, half hearted, yeah sure whatever voice saying that garbage? But, it isn’t garbage anymore.

Wow, I really want to just sit down and write out my story for you and tell you about this amazing journey I’ve been on but then there is reality that, I’m not going to do that tonight. I need to be able to wake up early so I can go see my wonderful chiropractor who I think is going to be really shocked when he sees me because I have grown and changed so much since the last time I saw him, I need to do this because this is part of taking care of me and that is my new and REALLY big MO. 

Hey, just this last thing . . . The more authentic I am, the more I take care of me the more I give that gift to others – for them to be authentically themselves, to encourage, value and cheer the heck on others taking care of and doing right by themselves. So my amazing peeps ROCK ON! And well for those of you that maybe don’t know me yet, well you are reading this and there will be more, OH so much more. Feel free to leave a comment, share; I’d love to hear from you. BIG LOVE! <3 


  1. Sounds like you have been doing some amazing work on yourself and it's paying off. Good for you. I hope you continue to enjoy the journey and reach for great things.

  2. How freeing to have lies stripped away!