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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Message is Simple

   Regarding all the negativity concerning the weddings held at the Grammy’s Such behavior is certainly not a Christian act as Jesus was a living example of love one another, and don't judge (ego) lest you be judged. If you are pointing the finger, you are looking in a mirror. If you want to go Old Testament then the 10 Commandments said to Love your neighbor as yourself - there was no preamble, no "but only if they look like you, think like you, believe like you  . . ." The message is simple and profound – Love one another. 

   People deserve the right to love whom they choose to love. No, an adult having lustful, sexual feelings toward children, or animals is not love. Love is caring, nurturing, protective, not psychologically and physiologically destructive to one another, so don’t attempt to throw that foul ball here. To suggest that is as if equating rape to love and it isn’t; rape is about power, an ego trip of horrific proportion.

   If all the extreme right wing people were really smart, instead of fighting so hard against gay people wanting to get married they would have moved heaven and earth to make sure that gay couples could have the right to have their loved ones covered by their insurance, to have access to their loved one when they are admitted to the ER and/or ICU, to be able to pay their taxes together with the same benefits, to basically have all the rights, and privileges that married couples enjoy. Just because they want to be together, and have these, and other rights, and privileges doesn’t mean they are forming an attack on you, or your beliefs. It does mean they believe differently than you, and that is their right under the law – freedom of religion. 

   When you point your finger at the gay community, condemn them, and say they are attacking my values; that is exactly what you are doing, and more. You are attacking their values, their rights, and freedom to believe as they choose, and you are oppressing them with “your religious beliefs”. For those of you who may not realize this, that is called religious oppression.

   All that being said here is my message to “gay groups” and other “groups”.  When I see advertisements like, “Are you ready for a gay social network?” My first response to this and all others like it is, “No.” Not anymore than I’m ready for a heterosexual only social network. Don’t call it a gay wedding; it’s a wedding – two (hopefully) loving, consenting, adults getting married. I didn’t call my wedding, my heterosexual wedding. Jeeze, isn’t that a mouthful. Okay, now I’m sure some of you are upset, but before you get your tail feathers in too much of a ruffle, let me explain something that you may not have considered. When you create things like the 'Gay Social Network' it conveys things like – separate, different, exclusive as oppose to inclusive, etcetera. These are all things that you are fighting against; being considered separate, and different from the rest of society, and not worthy of the same equal rights, of being excluded because of a label, and not as who you are; a fellow human being who just wants to love and be loved. If we want unity then we need to start working in that direction.

   NO! Please God do NOT think I’m saying we need to get rid of individualism. How about instead of all these different cultural days we have a, “Celebrate and share your culture week?” or “Celebrate the best of humanity week?” or “Celebrate your freedom week” or here’s a great one, “Celebrate love and kindness week”. When we separate ourselves we are falling under the illusion of Ego, which is fear based. When we separate ourselves from others and deny our connection to all (and I mean the frickin’ planet, plants, animals, people, the land itself) that is when we are truly acting in an ‘Unnatural’ manner because, like it or not, when it comes to physics we are ALL connected on an atomic level – everything pulls on everything else, just a bunch of protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. So, for all your uniqueness, whether you believed that God(s) made the universe, or nature/science did, your atoms are still no better than mine, and as a ‘matter’ of fact, like it, or not, we are connected so why don’t we try, and start acting like it.


  1. i agree on all counts
    and the separation issue isn't quarantined to "gay" marriage, imho
    a HUGE problem w/humanity is we separate into "out" group & then hate on the "them" group. problem is there is not them; them are we. and "WE" are you & me.
    separation from "anything" as you rightly pointed out is an illusion. "WE" are ALL connected to EVERYTHING on the atomic & subatomic level. now all we have to do is start acting like it :)

    Great post!

  2. Yay!
    yoo RITE!
    Gotta whole lotta'm.

  3. <-- cool.
    Sounds like GRAVEDIGGER...
    just before we were
    put into the ground.