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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Imaginary Location-Location

All Things Sonya:
Well it’s that time again, time for another muse to tickle your creative fancy. I sit here drinking a bit of tea and eating an imaginary sheep. Hee-hee I bet you weren’t expecting that. Actually it’s a sugar cookie but it, at one time, looked like what a local baker imagined a sheep to look like. Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds of our time said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Why would such a brilliant man say such a thing? Well, for a number of reasons I suppose: Knowledge can be taught, but imagination can only be fostered and imagination is what lets us learn beyond what we already know. Imagination is what asks the question, “What if . . .?” Imagination is a VERY dynamic tool and the source of something VERY powerful – creative innovation. We are loosing our creative innovation: children don’t “play” they are scheduled, they don’t draw – they color, they don’t run around an make up games and build imaginary forts – they play scheduled sports that they are taught or sit at a computer or TV and play video games. Arts and music, some of the best ways of teaching children how to think outside the box, to be independent through constructive ways of self expression, to build confidence in their accomplishment, to teach vision, to learn that there is more than one way to successfully realize a goal, etcetera are being lost - stripped away in the name of budget. What a steep price to pay and so many don’t even realize yet what in the long run it will cost them and in such devastating ways. So, what does all this soap boxing have to do with the challenge, the weekly muse? The point is to let your inner child come out and play. Time to reawaken your imagination from its slumber and get to work. This week paint, photograph, draw, collage, sculpt, whatever you like – an imaginary place. Let yourself daydream. ANY PLACE. An imaginary island on an imaginary planet, a home among the clouds, or a tree house in a purple tree that has orange leaves, anything that tickles your fancy. Have fun and let your innovation dance. As ever, I look forward to seeing your creations.

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  1. I love this adventure.. but I don't like calling it a "Challenge". I don't want it to be a "challenge" I have enough of those... I don't want my creative life to have that word "challenge" wrapped around it. Let's just go with the imagination and dreams.
    Thanks for this muse.

  2. Looking forward to visiting my imaginary "location" ! thanks Sonya!