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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Value of the Destructive

Set clear boundaries. If something is making you feel uncomfortable, it's probably pushing your boundaries. Sometimes it's a good thing, such as when circumstances, or people, are challenging us to move beyond our current perceptions, and step outside of our comfort zone. Often, it's people being disrespectful. Still it's all boils down to ego. 

Have you heard of a book called, "The 4 Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz? I definitely recommend it. One of the agreements is; Don't take anything personal. One way I've learned to do that, is by learning about ego, and how to recognize it. The best way to recognize ego is to learn about your own, and how to perceive when it's being triggered. The advantage is the more you can recognize your own ego, the easier it is to realize when other's egos are being triggered. This recognition creates the opportunity for emotional detachment, because you realize that what is happening has nothing to do with you, and thus you don't take it personal. 

There is a distinct difference in removing people from our lives who are destructive and always trying to tear us down, and people who challenge us. If we end up in rooms with everyone who is just like us, that would not only be immensely boring, but very destructive for our personal growth. Peace doesn't mean that everything around us is calm and in perfect flow. Peace is when we are inwardly grounded and not easily swayed or distracted. So, view those "fugnazis” as a gift - an opportunity for you to become so grounded, self-valued, and confident that even when you get knocked down, you have the resilience to get back up. 

Anyone can have a bad day, and in a moment create a terrible first impression. We never know the battles that others are facing. A raw diamond is a rather rough, and unattractive rock. It takes a lot of sharp cuts, and filing for a diamond to become a refined, brilliant, shining stone. Human being are a lot like diamonds in that respect.

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